GUITAR TRAINING : A New Way To Learn Jazz-Guitar...

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What´s new?

- Transcriptions 13
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- Guitartraining Special Edition 1:
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- Guitartraining XL - new interactive version 2021:
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- Backing Tracks 2 and 3:
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- Guitar Training Bundle: Special Offer :
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Guitar Training is a new way of learning jazz guitar.
It is a collection of interactive material from beginner level to advanced level.

You might think: „Yet another jazz book… I already own hundreds of them..“ - This one really makes the difference…. You won´t find anything comparable on the jazz market…..

- improve your playing

- watch numerous instructional videos,
- practice all scales and arpeggios,
- get to know typical jazz phrases and patterns,
- get deeper insights into the harmonic structure of jazz standards,
- learn how to play great sounding chord voicings,
- jam along with inspiring backing tracks,
- print out sheet music and tabulature ..............

It´s all up to you......

Here is a Youtube video giving you a little overview:

Is there a demo available?

Yes, there is a little demo available with just some pages and five audio files just to give you an impression of what you will get. Please click on the link below and enter your e-mail address. If you also want to receive a monthly newsletter, check the appropriate button in the form.

Yes, I would like to get the link to the Guitartraining Demo.

Here you find the complete content of Guitartraining XL and the add-ons: click